“Get a Free T-shirt for your Event!”

We all are aware of how awkward or cumbersome it becomes sometimes to go out seeking sponsorship and also for finding the best-suited event to sponsor. Well, we have got a solution for both sides. A Unique and targeted method of spreading your brand is by sponsoring T-Shirts. It is pretty logical to sponsor t-shirts for events where your target consumers are expected to notice your presence but to find such events is the real problem.
We made things easy for you to get an opportunity to choose out of the events happening around you for sponsoring and connecting brands with consumers through real points of passion and marketing that matter. We have been producing and supplying T-shirts to various events of various types of organizers. We have supplied T-shirts to various school & college fests, charity events, fundraisers, and corporate events. Hence giving you a wide opportunity to reach out to your target customers by selecting the sponsorship you wish. Like the Concept?
You know that the t-shirts will be worn by potential customers within your specified area of target including geographical location (viz. Park Street, Ballygunge, Salt Lake, Noida) field of interest (viz. college, mall, factory, plumbers in a specific area, etc.), gender. As such, we shall be distributing free T Shirts in your target area, and in return, we shall put your logo on the t-shirts. The organization receiving the T-Shirts gets T-Shirts customized for their event with a logo of the sponsor included. This makes sponsoring t-shirts a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Areas of targeting sponsoring T-Shirts: Old Age Homes / Orphanages, School Fest Construction Areas, Sporting Events, etc.
Post us your event and we might be able to give you free sponsored T-Shirts.